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7 Facts About Binge Eating During the Holidays

Published on , Last Updated on June 6, 2013

holiday feast

The holiday season means many things, but one of the most universal holiday experiences is: Lots of food!

There’ll be holiday ham, Christmas turkey, sweet potato pie, creamed corn, chocolate cake, and even more deliciously bad-for-you holiday treats. We’re all sure to indulge in a little overeating during this holiday season. But before you jump in, consider the following facts about “binge eating”.

1. The most common symptoms of binge eating include excessive intestinal gas, indigestion, bloating and acid reflux. Depending on what you ate, and how much of it that you ate, it’s also very possible that you will suffer from constipation, as a result of not being able to digest all of the food in a timely manner.

2. When you binge eat, you’re making your body work harder to digest all that food. This puts a strain on your body and may increase the risk of health complications.

3. Did you know that binge eating affects approximately twenty five million Americans each year? It’s the most common eating disorder in the United States.

4. When you binge eat, your stomach’s capacity can grow up to 25%… and it can stay that way for up to two weeks, meaning that you’ll need to eat more and more food to become full. Eating more high fiber foods can help you feel fuller, without actually eating as much overall.

5. Binge eating causes your gallbladder to work harder to keep up with fat digestion. In fact, eating large, fatty meals are a common cause of gallstone attacks. Try doing a liver gallbladder cleanse.

6. Eating a large meal can cause drowsiness, which can be dangerous if you’ll be driving home after your meal.

7. According to Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, binge eating a number of fatty foods can lead to blood clotting more easily, which leads to the increased risk of heart attack. There is a fourfold increase in the risk of a heart attack within the two hours following a binge eating session.

These are just seven facts about holiday binge eating that you may not have known about previously. Before you jump into your next big holiday meal, take a minute to remember these facts and slow down-you’ll savor what you’re eating even more, and you won’t feel so terrible afterwards.

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM

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