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Colon Cleansing Herbs – Are They Effective & Safe?

Published on , Last Updated on June 14, 2013

Colon Cleansing Herbs

For such small things, herbs truly are amazing. Not only do many of them taste great, but without them, modern medicine – both holistic and conventional – could scarcely exist. They have tremendous power to help heal and maintain the human body, and most are readily accessible anywhere in the world without a prescription. There are, however, certain limitations to what some colon cleansing herbs can safely do.

Pre-blended homeopathic herbal teas, capsules and tablets formulated to ease mild indigestion and upset stomach are especially popular. These often include ingredients such as Dandelion leaves, Fennel seed, and Licorice root — all of which well suited for settling a slightly overstuffed stomach, but none of them actually work as an effective herbal colon cleanser.

Most of the colon cleansing herbs found in off-the-shelf products are not certified organic and too harsh for the delicate lining of the lower digestive tract. Some are liable to cause more harm than good, or they have almost no effect on the colon one way or the other.

Colon Cleansing Herbs to Avoid

Two potentially harmful herbs commonly used in colon cleansing supplements are Cascara sagrada and Senna. The active chemical ingredients in both these plants are known as anthraquinones, and have been used historically in the manufacturing of paper, clothing dye, and hydrogen peroxide solution. When taken on a regular basis, these herbs are much too powerful for safe colon cleansing. When taken for longer than seven consecutive days, these colon cleansing herbs are very likely to cause you to experience side effects, which may cause longterm damage.

Anthraquinones act as a strong stimulant which induces uncontrollable muscle spasms throughout the lower digestive tract. These contractions can be so intense that it causes the intestines to actually shed their protective internal lining along with anything else that may be inside of them.

Fiber capsules are also promoted as a popular colon cleanser. Although they are generally safer than anthraquinone-based options, they do virtually nothing remove densely packed waste from the small intestine and colon. These normally include Psyllium husk, or a similar indigestible plant product. Instead of spending the money on fiber cleansers and risking harm to your digestive tract, you can achieve better results by just consuming plenty of high fiber foods.

To make matters worse, many of the herbs used in low cost colon cleansers are grown overseas on factory-like farms. They are often contaminated with large quantities of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals, or cut with non-nutrative artificial binders and fillers when packaged.

A Safe and Better Alternative to Colon Cleansing Herbs

Rather than suffering through the unpleasant, sometimes even dangerous, side effects of these colon cleansing herbs, many people prefer to take oxygen-based colon cleansers. Not only are they safer, clinically studied, and more effective than their plant-based counterparts, in many ways, oxygen cleansers are more natural as well.

Oxygen colon cleansers, by their very nature, must be crafted using state of the art quality control measures that guarantee their purity and effectiveness. When it comes to truly cleansing the colon, there’s simply no way powdered colon cleansing herbs can compete with scientifically engineered solid oxygen. More importantly, oxygen based colon cleansers clean the small intestine and the colon. Choosing the right type of supplement doesn’t just add up to improved piece of mind – it can mean the difference between a successful colon cleanse and a week wasted in the bathroom.

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-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM

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    I am a Naturopath and a homoeopath and a homeopathic tea and a herbal tea are not the same thing. and yes some of the herbal products over the counter are not certified organic, nor always from reputable sources. However herbs like cascara and senna ( and many other wonderful herbs) can have an amazing cleansing effect on the body! With herbs it’s about, type of herb, action and dosage. When prescribed by a qualified herbalist or naturopath herbs are a very safe form of cleanser.

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