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Study: Gastrointestinal Problems Common in Children with Autism

Published on , Last Updated on June 5, 2013

Child Constipation

Being a parent is hardly ever an easy task. Especially when gastrointestinal problems arise. Like all kids, children with autism are more prone to suffer from belly aches, diarrhea and constipation symptoms. While these are discomforts for any child to occasionally go through, they may be particularly common for children in the greater autism spectrum.

The Autism Speaks’ Treatment Network (ATN), one of the largest autism research, treatment and support organizations in North America, has just published the results of a new study into the prevalence of gastrointestinal problems in autistic children [1].

They found that nearly half of all children diagnosed with autism suffer regular GI discomfort, and that instances increase as children grow older. The importance of such research is underlined by the fact that nearly one in every hundred U.S. children is now believed to fall into the greater range of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Altogether, 1,185 children were examined. Overall 45 percent of them were found to have symptoms of gastrointestinal distress at the time they entered the study. The most commonly cited symptoms included diarrhea, constipation and generalized abdominal discomfort. The researchers also found that children age 7 and older were about 12 percent more likely to exhibit gastrointestinal problems than younger children with autism.

To make matters worse, the study also cites a strong and well-documented connection between gastrointestinal problems and a number of other issues. Upwards of 70 percent of autistic children with regular digestive stress also suffer from sleep problems and are more prone to behavioral outbreaks. This is more than twice the rate documented in autistic children without GI issues.

How Can I Ease My Autistic Child’s Gastrointestinal Problems?

If your child — whether they are autistic, or not — shows frequent signs of gastrointestinal distress, and changes in diet and lifestyle fail to improve the problem, then you may want to consider giving them a small dose of an oxygen colon cleanser to help get their small bodies back on track.

Oxygen cleansers are safe and all-natural, so it’s a great way to gently help loosen impacted fecal matter that may be temporarily obstructing their small bowels. Once the cleanser has had time to loosen the impacted matter responsible for the discomfort, their bowel movements should be soft and easy to pass. These types of cleansers are a great way to relieve symptoms of constipation in children. And because it works gently, there should not by any greatly increased risk of the embarrassing accidents and longterm health consequences that are often associated with laxatives.

There’s no good reason for any child to suffer unnecessarily. Especially if they are suffering from something as easily remedied as occasional constipation. Helping them to avoid biological discomfort is just one small thing that you as a parent can do to help improve their quality of life. This is something that the parents of autistic children know better than most. If your child regularly faces the gastrointestinal problems associated with constipation, I strongly urge you to give oxygen colon cleansing a try. You’ll both both be glad you did.

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM


  1. American Academy of Pediatrics. Gastrointestinal problems common in children with autism. ScienceDaily, 3 May 2010.

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