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Is it Safe To Colon Cleanse?

Published on , Last Updated on June 10, 2013

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Despite being intrigued by the reported health benefits of colon cleansing, many people remain hesitant to try it for themselves. Concerns about its safety are one of the biggest reasons for this apprehension. Is it really safe to colon cleanse? The honest answer is yes, but only if it’s done correctly.

The number of options available for off-the-shelf or online colon cleanse products can be overwhelming for many first-time users. There are dozens of different colon cleansing products to choose from.

Some are made from herbal mixtures, special clays, fiber, and other naturally derived exotic ingredients. Not to mention chemical laxatives, stool softeners, enemas and suppositories. And unfortunately, the vast majority of these colon cleansing products are either ineffective or potentially harmful. So how do you know which colon cleanses are safe? Let’s first take a look at which cleanses to avoid.

Colon Cleansing Methods to Avoid

Chemical treatment options such as suppositories and laxatives can be harsh, dehydrating and in some cases even addicting. Many so-called herbal colon cleansers such as psyillium (a bulking fiber) advertise their ability to aggressively “scrub” away hardened debris, as though forcing a botanical scouring pad along the insides of the most sensitive and important intestinal lining. Herbs such as psylllium, senna and cascara sagrada have been shown to cause damage to the intestinal cells if used over a long period of time. If you are looking for a safe colon cleanse you should avoid these products.

What is the Safest Way to Colon Cleanse?

Safely cleansing the colon requires a high-quality product that has been specially crafted to gently remove impacted waste and other toxic leftovers from the delicate intestinal tissues. A safe colon cleanser helps to restore the optimal natural state of the upper and lower digestive tract, and should never cause the user to become dependent on it for regular bowel function.

Oxygen-based colon cleansing products tend to be the safest way to effectively cleanse the small intestine as well as the large intestine (colon). These release specialized molecules of monotomic oxygen (01) that work by oxidizing (breaking down) and dissolving built-up waste matter so it can be passed from the body. Using a well-made oxygen colon cleanser will guarantee a safe and thorough cleanse.

Colon Hydrotherapy is another effective way to cleanse the colon. However this does not cleanse the small intestine. This technique uses a stream of purified water and in some cases the addition of ozone, oxygen or other nutrients are added. If you decide to use this technique for a complete colon cleanse, it should only be performed under the direct supervision of a qualified licensed colon hydrotherapist. You can also look into colon cleansing spas, for a relaxing and detoxifying experience.

Enemas and organic clays are also effective and safe colon cleansing methods but should only be used after proper research and preferably under the instruction of a natural health care provider.

If you are ready to perform a colon cleanse, take the time to fully research the available options before making any final decisions. Not all manufacturers produce high quality safe supplements. It’s also important to follow the directions included with any colon cleansing product to the letter. This not only increases the likeliness of an effective cleanse, but should also help to avoid any unnecessary side effects that you may incur.

If colon cleansing is done correctly it is safe and very effective. Health experts agree that everyone should keep their intestines clean on a regular basis.

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM

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