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Published on , Last Updated on April 26, 2017


While the exact subject of this article may not make for polite conversation, it is still imperative that you know some basic facts about stool color. Being aware of your stools’ hue can help decode possible health or dietary concerns. That being said, the color of expelled wastes reveals more than what you ate last night. What, then, could it mean? Well, these next 10 facts explain.

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It’s probably not much surprise that the color of poop can reveal certain things about our health. For example, if your stool is green, it may indicate that food moves through the large intestine too quickly; if it becomes a pale white, or clay-like color, it may indicate a lack of bile; yellow, undigested fat. Black or red indicates blood in your stool and you should seek medical attention immediately. The insight that stool color provides doesn’t stop there. The next 7 weird facts about stool color may tell you more about poop than you’d like to know but can provide valuable health information.

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Published on , Last Updated on August 10, 2017

Stool odor stinks!

Let’s face it, stool odor can be best summed up in two words: it stinks. Stool odor is a byproduct of digestion. Volatile compound, such as methyl sulfide compounds, skatole and indole, are produced and are responsible for stool’s odor component. [1] Individual stool odor is as unique as each person’s fingerprints and varies with diet and internal body chemistry, but the subtle differences of stool odor can reveal a great deal about overall health. The following weird facts may provide valuable insight as to the importance of stool odor awareness. Or they just may be weird.

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Published on , Last Updated on June 14, 2013

The outcome of an instant laxative

Constipation can be a painful and annoying situation to deal with, particularly if you are at work or traveling. When you’re dealing with constipation, the only thing you want is immediate relief. We all know laxatives can produce a bowel movement but there are so many different laxative types and brands that come in multiple forms – such as pills, liquids, and powders – choosing the right one can be difficult. Many people whose bowels are screaming for relief are dying to know- what is the best instant laxative? Let’s take a closer look at what is the best instant or fastest-working laxative on the market.

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Published on , Last Updated on June 14, 2013

The effects of the strongest laxatives

A trip to the laxative section of any drug store may be a little daunting. There are so many choices, where do you even start? There are bulk laxatives, osmotic laxatives, stool softeners, and stimulant laxatives, all of which come in various forms, ranging from pills to suppositories. However, if you’ve got a truly serious case of constipation, the main question you might be wondering is – what is the strongest laxative?

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