Does Oxy-Powder guarantee results?

180 Satisfaction Guarantee Free Shipping Dr. Group personally guarantees that you’ll see and feel the benefits of Oxy-Powder. If you aren’t fully satisfied, you’re protected by Global Healing Center’s 180-day, money-back guarantee. “There is no healing element on the planet that is better or more safe than oxygen. You will have better results with Oxy-Powder than any other colon cleansing product in the world, guaranteed or your money back!” DR. EDWARD F. GROUP III, DC, NP

Where can I buy Oxy-Powder?

Oxy-Powder is available from Global Healing Center.

Is Oxy-Powder safe for daily use?

Oxy-Powder is safe for daily use when taken as directed.

What should I expect when I take Oxy-Powder?

Oxy-Powder can help you experience more frequent, softer, and smoother bowel movements. As your intestinal tract cleanses itself, your bowel movement will be lighter and the frequency of your bowel movements will usually begin to diminish.

Will Oxy-Powder cause a dependency?

Although the use of some stimulant laxatives can cause dependency, Oxy-Powder is a gentle alternative that will not cause dependency.

How long will I have to take Oxy-Powder to address my occasional constipation?

Use Oxy-Powder as directed, and take four capsules with a full glass of purified water on an empty stomach before bed with a full 8 oz. glass of water. If you do not achieve three to five bowel movements the next day, increase serving size by two capsules each night until you achieve three to five movements. Continue this amount for five more days. After this period, take the maintenance serving as needed.

Why am I not having bowel movements after using Oxy-Powder?

Everyone’s experience is different. Depending on your health status, you may not experience a bowel movement until the second or third day. Give Oxy-Powder a minimum of five days to work. If your digestive system is particularly backed up, it may take longer to clear.

Will Oxy-Powder dehydrate me? Why do I need to drink so much water?

We have not received any reports of dehydration while using Oxy-Powder. To help flush waste from your system, drink half your bodyweight, in ounces of purified water, every day while taking Oxy-Powder. For example, if you weight 200 lbs, drink 100 oz of water.

Why do I need to take Oxy-Powder at night?

Taking Oxy-Powder at night allows it to work while you sleep. When you’re asleep, your digestive system is at rest, and Oxy-Powder is able to work most efficiently. Most people find they have one to three bowel movements within an hour of waking up and feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Can I take Oxy-Powder in the morning or throughout the day, instead of at night?

You can take Oxy-Powder whenever you want, but most people prefer to take it at night so they have their bowel movements in the morning at home.

I completed the 6-day colon cleanse, what should I do now?

Oxy-Powder can be taken as needed to support digestive health.

Can I use Oxy-Powder if I am taking medications or other supplements?

It’s important to check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement. We have not received reports of contraindications when taking Oxy-Powder with over the counter products or prescriptions as long as the Oxy-Powder is taken six hours before or after.

I have to work, can I still use Oxy-Powder?

Most people find that, as long as a restroom isn’t too far away, Oxy-Powder doesn’t disrupt their life. If you are going to the bathroom over five times per day, reduce your serving by two capsules.

Can I give Oxy-Powder to my child?

Parents should consult their healthcare professional before giving dietary supplements to their children.

Can I use Oxy-Powder while I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Consult with your healthcare professional before using Oxy-Powder while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Oxy-Powder safe to use if I have a pre-existing condition?

We have not received any reports of Oxy-Powder causing complications with any pre-existing conditions. However, if you have a specific, individual health concern, talk to your healthcare provider before taking Oxy-Powder.

I have trouble swallowing capsules, is there another way to take Oxy-Powder?

If you have trouble swallowing capsules, empty the contents of the capsules into purified water.

Can I consume alcohol when I am cleansing?

As a chemical reaction, Oxy-Powder will not react negatively with alcohol. However, please consider the philosophical conflict of cleansing while imbibing.

I feel tired and sick when using Oxy-Powder, is this normal?

Most people have an accumulation of toxins in their body. When they begin a cleanse, those toxins are stirred up as they exit the body. For most people, this doesn’t produce any issues. However, depending on your beginning health status, you may experience a “healing crisis.” A healing crisis may include temporary effects such as mild headaches or joint discomfort, cramping, runny sinuses, fatigue, skin eruptions, or trouble sleeping. These effects subside as toxins are expelled from your body.

Why are my bowel movements inconsistent when I use Oxy-Powder? Some days I have three bowel movements, other days I have none.

Bowel movement frequency can be affected by stress, diet, exercise, medication, and other factors. To encourage a consistent experience while using Oxy-Powder, take it at the same time every day and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Can I take other magnesium supplements with Oxy-Powder?

Yes, Oxy-Powder contains ozonated magnesium oxide, not dietary magnesium.

Can I find Oxy-Powder in a store near me?

Oxy-Powder is not available in stores and is available direct from Global Healing Center. Order now.