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General Usage

Published on , Last Updated on October 21, 2010

Oxy-Powder® General Usage

How do I use Oxy-Powder®?


Oxy-Powder® can be used as an intestinal cleansing agent or to relieve the symptoms of constipation. Start by taking 4 capsules of Oxy-Powder® in the evening on an empty stomach with a full 8 oz. glass of water. If you do not achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day, increase your dosage by 2 capsules each night until you achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day. Once you determine your effective dosage, this will count as Day 1 of the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. You will maintain this dosage for seven consecutive days. After the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse, take the maintenance dose as desired.


Use the same dosage you used for your 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse every other day or as needed. This maintenance can be performed indefinitely without it becoming habit forming or harmful to the body. Plus, taking regular doses of Oxy-Powder® helps supply your entire body with oxygen for improving physiology, vitality, and performance.


We suggest drinking large amounts of pure water. Hydration is not only healthy for the body but will aid it in eliminating toxins from the bowel at a faster rate. Oxy-Powder® works with your body’s HCL (stomach acid). If your level of HCL is below normal, it may hinder the effectiveness of the Oxy-Powder®. We suggest squeezing the juice from an organic lemon wedge into an 8 oz. glass of purified water taken with Oxy-Powder® in the evening.

Should I follow any particular diet while taking Oxy-Powder®?

Yes. Eat a healthy live food based diet. In addition, increase the amount of purified water you drink. Try to avoid any carbonated beverages, caffeine, and alcohol. Reduce your intake of sugar, fried foods, white flour, dairy, etc. Our recommended diet is fresh fruit in the morning, a salad and a carbohydrate source for lunch, and a low calorie and low protein meal for dinner. Our full, complete diet plan is available in Dr. Group’s book, The Green Body Cleanse.

Will I be able to go to work during the Oxy-Powder® cleanse?

It’s best to start the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse on a Friday evening. This way you will more likely have access to a bathroom for longer periods of time. Continuing the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse should be manageable so long as you have a restroom nearby at work or school. If you are going to the bathroom 5 to 7 times a day or more, you can reduce the daily dosage by two capsules. If you decide to do this, increase the cleanse length from 7 days to 9 to 10 days.

Is Oxy-Powder® a powder or is it a capsule?

Oxy-Powder® comes in capsule form. The capsules made of vegetable cellulose and are kosher certified Vegetarian. Oxy-Powder® is not available in a loose powder form. However, you may empty the contents of the capsules into purified water if you have trouble swallowing capsules. You can also follow this link to learn more about the ingredients in Oxy-Powder®.

How will I know when my bowels are clean and the old compacted fecal matter is gone?

Everyone’s results differ depending on their diet, exercise patterns, and age as well as physical and emotional stress levels. The frequency of your bowel movements will usually begin to diminish as the digestive tract rids itself of toxic matter. The stools may still continue to be loose or semi-solid, however, due to the oxidation process.

At this point the nascent oxygen will be available for the body to absorb through the capillary walls in the intestinal lining thereby aiding the body in the purification of the blood, organs, and lymph system. However, to ensure you continue to stay as clean inside as possible, you should eat only live, raw fruits and vegetables and completely eliminate the intake of all toxins.

Because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is so poor, we believe you will need to cleanse on a continuous basis to help keep the entire intestinal lining clean. Therefore, we recommend a continued maintenance dose every other evening at the minimum. Use your bowel activity as a guide. You will know how “clean” you are by the color, consistency, and frequency of your bowel movements.

As the intestinal tract is becoming cleaner, the color of the bowel movement should be much lighter and transit time (time from eating to elimination) should be shorter. You should also be experiencing more frequent, healthy, softer, and smoother bowel movements. The oxygen released by Oxy-Powder® is helping to kill all kinds of anaerobic bacteria.

Some people will notice a foul smell in the initial stages of cleansing. Over time, there should be a noticeable decrease in foul-smelling bowel movements. A normal and healthy bowel moves in a timely manner, with the “product” being lighter in color, relatively smooth, and also slick in appearance.

Can I take Oxy-Powder® while fasting?

Many different styles of fasting exist. If your style allows you to consume small amounts of juice or certain foods, then you can safely use Oxy-Powder® while fasting. We would NOT, however, recommend taking Oxy-Powder® during a fast of strictly water and no solids or other liquids.

I have trouble swallowing capsules. Is there an alternative way to take Oxy-Powder®?

Yes. You can open the capsules and mash the contents in with a banana, or you can pour them into a glass of purified water. The latter method does not mix especially well and may cake a bit. We do not recommend mixing Oxy-Powder® with anything else.

Am I going to be stuck in the bathroom all day long?

For the first few days, depending on your weight and how many capsules you take, you may need to stay close to a bathroom. If you are experiencing more than 7 bowel movements per day, then we suggest reducing the dosage by two capsules daily until you are experiencing the recommended 3 to 5 bowel movements daily. Some people have a lot of compacted fecal matter and may not have a bowel movement until the 2nd or 3rd day, but this delay is quite normal. Each person’s results will be different. Please give Oxy-Power® a minimum of 5 days to do its job. After all, you probably spent years if not decades slowly building up the toxic waste in your digestive system and it may take a little time to break down.

Will Oxy-Powder® affect my body’s acid-alkaline balance?

The overall effect of Oxy-Powder® on the body should be mildly alkalizing. The magnesium compounds are alkaline and the natural citric acid actually raises the alkalinity in the body. To the contrary, there may be a temporary elevation in the acidity of the bowel itself while cleansing as many of the toxins removed can be quite acidic. Oxy-Powder® actually removes the acidic material from the body and helps to prevent re-absorption through the intestinal lining. The ingredients in Oxy-Powder® will not negatively affect the body’s ability to achieve an alkaline state for optimal health.

How long should I continue to take Oxy-Powder® after the initial cleanse?

We recommend that you continue on Oxy-Powder® maintenance for the rest of your life to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Many studies indicate a great number of adverse health conditions start in the intestinal lining and colon. That’s where we get the term, “health begins in the colon.”

It’s extremely beneficial to continue the maintenance dosage every other day after the initial cleanse to maintain a healthy bowel. With the poor food options we’re faced with today, it’s a good idea to always keep the intestinal lining and colon as clean as possible. Finally, the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe has been declining steadily over time. This means everyone on the planet is oxygen deficient. Therefore, we also recommend taking Oxy-Powder® regularly to help supply your body with vital oxygen.

How often should I repeat the Oxy-Powder® cleanse?

This all depends on what your diet consists of and how well you generally feel. We recommend repeating the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse using Oxy-Powder® every 3 months if any of the following conditions apply:

  • If your diet regularly includes processed or fast foods, coffee, soft drinks, and/or alcohol
  • If you’re experiencing constipation or if you’re compacted
  • If you do not exercise regularly

Even if you stay on a maintenance dose and improve your diet and exercise routine, you should still repeat the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse every 6 months to help maintain optimal health.

What is the difference between the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse and the 6-day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse?

Dr. Group’s 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

  • Designed to be easy to perform–all you do is take some capsules before going to bed
  • Recommended for first time cleansers
  • Does not require making and drinking a special intestinal drink
  • Does not require a raw fruit only diet
  • Contains minimal dietary changes

Dr. Group’s 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

  • Designed for people who are generally healthy already and want a deep cleansing of the intestinal tract
  • More detailed and time consuming
  • Requires mixing and drinking a daily intestinal cleansing drink
  • Designed for people who are very serious and take the time and effort to maximize their cleansing results
  • Requires you to eat only organically or locally grown fruit daily for 6 days
  • Because of the strict diet and the intestinal drink this cleanse only requires 6 days with the 7th day being a rest day
  • Featured in Dr. Group’s book The Green Body Cleanse
  • Suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians

NOTE: Either of the cleanses mentioned above can be performed. It is up to you to choose which cleanse will work best for your desired results. However, the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse will give you better results.

Does Oxy-Powder become less effective or stop working for some people?

I have taken it in the past, but I’m no longer getting the same results.

This “adaptation” is sometimes the case with supplements, drugs, and various treatments. Just as elite athletes begin to develop muscle memory and must constantly vary their routines, the body can adapt and begin to respond to supplements differently or with less intensity.

Oxy-Powder® works with a two-pronged approach. Primarily, Oxy-Powder® oxidizes compacted fecal in the intestines. Second, the magnesium oxides will cause a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles surrounding the bowels. This direct interaction between the oxygen released by Oxy-Powder® and the fecal matter compacted in the bowel does not vary. That being said, it doesn’t mean your body won’t respond differently because of the particular situation or physical condition that you may find yourself in on any given day. Numerous factors can affect your elimination habits, including: the quality of your digestion, your emotional state, your sleep patterns, and various other bodily functions.

These factors also change the effectiveness of Oxy-Powder® because they can alter the efficiency with which you process the food you eat, the type of communication your nervous system has with the bowel, as well as numerous other daily habits. The following is a partial list of factors that may affect an individual’s response to Oxy-Powder®, even if they have taken the product in the past with good results:

  • Stress: This affects the entire body and can restrict all of the “housekeeping” functions, including elimination.
  • Diet: Changing what you eat and possibly consuming a food to which you are allergic or intolerant.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise promotes elimination and can increase the effectiveness of Oxy-Powder® even within a single day.
  • Stomach acid: The reaction that generates oxygen from Oxy-Powder® is dependent on the amount of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Decreased acid levels due to lack of production or medication can dramatically affect how well it works.
  • Medication: Many medications list constipation as a side effect. Consumers taking medications should always consult their physician prior to taking any dietary supplement.
  • Dehydration/low fluid intake
  • Travel or other disruption of daily habits
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Pre-existing bowel disease
  • Recent surgery or other medical procedure
  • Low thyroid or other thyroid conditions
  • Vitamin-B deficiency
  • Taking iron supplements, including many ferrous sulfate supplements

Why is my Oxy-Powder® a slightly different color than usual? Have you changed the formula?

This is a common question regarding most natural products. Synthetic products typically appear identical from batch to batch. These are usually coated with dyes and waxes that make them appear uniform. Natural products tend to show slight variations in color and consistency because naturally-sourced ingredients show some variation. The small change in appearance will have no effect on the effectiveness of the end product.

In the case of Oxy-Powder®, we keep samples of each batch made and periodically test them to ensure there is a uniform potency. In addition to the color differences in the powder itself, the vegetable capsules are also slightly different from batch to batch. The thickness of the capsule can vary minutely on any given capsule. In the manufacturing industry, this is referred to as tolerance.

Thicker capsules will appear a little darker or more yellow while thinner capsules will appear lighter and clearer. The difference is so slight it normally has no effect on the ability of the capsule to dissolve. Despite any changes in appearance, we have made no changes to our formulation except where clearly stated. We continue to utilize only the very best fully organic and safe ingredients, obtained from the same sources as always, and we also have not changed the way in which Oxy-Powder® is manufactured.

I recently noticed a slight change in the Oxy-Powder® formula. How did it change, and do I still need to take the same amount as I did before?

Oxy-Powder® has recently undergone a small but significant change in its formulation. You will notice there is now a greater amount of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides per serving compared to the previous formulation. This represents an increase in the amount of oxygen we are able to bond to the Magnesium Oxides, which is better for you. This is because 4 capsules of our newer and more efficient formula will now produce even more monatomic oxygen to help clear compacted waste away from the intestinal lining. If you have previously used Oxy-Powder®, you may find you are able to decrease your dosage and still achieve the same wonderful results. In non-scientific self testing of this new formula on ourselves, we found the individual dose was decreased by one capsule on average.

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Colon cleansing made simple with powder in a capsule. Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser used to safely relieve the bloating, gas and constipation associated with an unhealthy diet.

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Oxy-Powder® - Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser!

Colon cleansing made simple with powder in a capsule. Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser used to safely relieve the bloating, gas and constipation associated with an unhealthy diet.

  Oxy-Powder® Qty

120 Capsules $46.95

Buy 2   @ $44.95 ea.


60 Capsules   $29.95

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