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Published on , Last Updated on August 11, 2011
100% Authentic Testimonials

“I Am Forever in Your Debt!”

I would love to share my story, I am a 35 yr old mother of three. Even with extreme exercise and fasting I have never been able to loose weight. when I hit my thirties I found my self dealing with bouts of constipation and then have to take laxatives that kept me cramped up for days. I ended up with hemorrhoids the size of texas. This product has been a dream come true for me and I didnt believe the other testimonials I had read, now however I am a believer! At the end of my 7 day cleanse I had went from a size 16 to a size 12! and I did nothing but give up cokes, didn’t change anything else at all.

My energy is up, and I am lazy so that’s important, another thing is my mood, I am way less grouchy almost perky! Sleeping like a baby, its just been an unbelievable week. This weekend im going out in a new size 12 outfit and shake my booty to celebrate my 35th birthday! I look and feel better than I have in years! Thanks Oxy-Powder® I am forever in your debt!

— Tonia S.

“After the Cleanse, My Cramps Pretty Much Cease to Exist”

I am a 26-year-old native of Guatemala, my parents did their best to raise me as health conscious as possible, constant fruits and vegetable’s and my mother made us do a cleanse she learned from Guate. I am 100 lbs and had taken my mothers teaching to the next level in my adult life and was already a very healthy person. I watched Dr. Group’s interview with Regina Meridith on CMN and was amazed at his wealth of knowledge and the love he had to give in the form of true honest affordable wellness treatment. I ordered the full cleanse (colon, liver, gallbladder, and harmful organisms) and was amazed at the results. I had painful menstrual cramps monthly and my bowel movements were not daily. After the cleanse, my cramps pretty much cease to exist and my bowel’s are on a regular basis now, the frustration left me from not being constipated. I did not know how much it was affecting me. I also passed 20 or so stones with the livatrex cleanse (and like I said I was raised in a health aware family) I am so grateful for Global Healing Center and recommend them to everyone. May all the light and love of the universe be shined down on your harmonious undertaking!

Looking forward to meeting with the great people of Global Healing Center and giving back some of my time.

— Malvina

“Let Me Say Thank You Very Much for a Superior Product”

Guys – I had to take time out to write to you and tell how thoroughly pleased I am with this great product. After trying another liquid version of a colon cleanse on the market and had some initial side effects, I decided to try this product out. It is everything that is outlined on your website and in detail by Dr Group. It not only did what I expected but exceeded them as well. During my 7 day cleanse I noticed the bloated feeling go away. I also know that to maintain this feeling of better health I am going to need to make an improvement in my current diet..once again something I learned through this website as well. So in closing let me say thank you very much for a superior product that not only delivers the goods, but does it effectively and without any side effects…..great job Dr Group!

–Craig L., Austin, Texas

“I’m Having Two, Three Bowel Movements Every Day!”

I took other colon cleansers before, but Oxy-Powder® knocks them out the box! Everything it says … it does! I never felt this light on my feet, and my energy is now being restored. I’m having two, three bowel movements every day. Thank you Global Healing Center for making this amazing product. THANK YOU!

–Askia Farrare

“I Am So RELIEVED! Yes, Pun Intended.”

I’ve had terrible trouble for years because my gut became so weak. It all started when a well-meaning friend put me on a really aggressive herbal laxative that just about destroyed my entire digestive system. She thought she was helping me clean out. We were in our twenties. I never recovered from the assault on my body. I am now in my mid-fifties and I suppose the damage is irreversible. I’ve tried all kinds of “miracle” cures and I’ve learned what hype is. Nothing has helped normalize my gut.

My doctor kept telling me I had IBS, but that didn’t ring true. My bowel is not irritable. It just can’t push much through. And when it does sort of work, it stops before the job is done. It simply stops. It goes to sleep and that is that. And then my abdomen becomes distended until I look about seven months pregnant.

I’ve had to resort to Senna tea and Coffee enemas, which I resisted, but I had no choice until I found your product on the Internet. I was actually looking for someone who did high colonics, I was so backed up. And your site was listed by the search engine. My gut instinct told me that your product was the one I so desperately needed.

At one point some years ago, I could see and feel my intestine bulging on both sides of my abdomen. That’s when I got my first colon therapy. It was great, but it didn’t give me a way to help myself at home. I have to use about five Oxy-Powder® capsules per day, sometimes six when I’m really cleansing. It seems there is always more. But then I’ve struggled for so long I imagine it will take a while to clear all the garbage out. Oxy-Powder® is really getting the job done.

Zillions of thanks to the geniuses who came up with this stuff. Thank YOU! I am so RELIEVED! Yes, pun intended.

— Janet M.

“I Have Finally Found An Affordable Solution to My Misery!”

Just a quick note to thank you for a superb product. I have been miserable my whole life when it comes to eliminating waste. Every vacation has been tainted by this horrible condition and my moods are severely affected. I can honestly say at 36 years old I have finally found an affordable solution to my misery and I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Have a fabulous 2008!

–Lisa S.

“Oxy-Powder® Worked Right From the Beginning!”

After years of suffering with chronic constipation and numerous visits to the emergency room, a young friend who was visiting me while I was suffering a particularly difficult “attack” gave me a partial bottle of Oxy-Powder®. He said it was the only thing that ever worked for him. Having tried so many things I was dubious, but also desperate. It worked right from the beginning without the negative side effects of other treatments. I now use it every three or four days as maintenance and have had no problems for almost a year. I also feel generally healthier.

–Sunny F.

“Oxy-Powder is the most unique and beneficial colon cleanser I have ever used”

This is a very special product. Oxy-Powder is the most unique and beneficial colon cleanser I have ever used. It is super gentle. I have tried many of the other colon cleansers and laxatives out there and always feel nauseous… and get severe abdominal cramps. Oxy-Powder is not like all the others. I am never nauseous when I take Oxy-Powder, and I never experienced the cramping.

Oxy-Powder has also given me more energy. I cannot believe how great I feel after taking it for a few days. I am a different person. I hope they will never stop making Oxy-Powder, as I feel it is extremely special.

–Michelle H., Canton, MI

“Don’t give up. Oxy-Powder is just the partner you may have been looking for. It was for me!”

I have enjoyed good health for most of my life however I experienced issues with poor digestion constipation and bloating for as long as I can remember. I accepted the discomfort. Then, in 2006, after a traumatic experience in my family, my digestive system reacted to the extreme anxiety of the situation and my life changed. My body’s GI tract became extremely delicate, extremely sensitive. I was more constipated (eliminating only once every 10 – 12 days) and I developed painful hemorrhoids. I would frequently have to sit up during the night belching in discomfort. My stomach hips and legs were bloated and swollen. My social life suffered as my digestive system was taking over my life. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was tired, felt toxic and sickly. In desperation, I stopped eating for periods at a time which provided minimal relief but of course, not eating is not a sustainable approach. When I gradually reintroduced foods I seemed to be worse than ever.

I tried prescription medications, over the counter remedies, vitamins, minerals, teas, diet modifications and elimination of certain food. I felt the need to clean out my system and START OVER but how? I thought I had tried everything. When I found GHC’s Oxy-Powder on the internet, I listened to Dr. Group’s recordings and read everything I could find to make sure that Oxy-Powder was in fact different than everything I had already tried. This is what I found:

If you have a system that is extremely sensitive like mine and you are nervous about trying yet another product, like I was…relax. My experience with Oxy-Powder is that it is, in fact different and most importantly it works delicately and reliably. I took it as instructed and experienced a dramatic difference after the first day. After three days my stomach, hips and legs were not swelling up to the point of discomfort. I did not feel toxic. I sleep better. I digest better. I am beside my self! I have experienced and continue to experience real relief!

I know how extreme this problem of constipation can be. I did my part by eating small meals, drinking plenty of filtered water and exercising. It wasn’t enough. Now, I can count of Oxy-Powder to keep me in good working order. My confidence is back and so is my energy. I encourage anyone who wants that feeling of vitality to try this product and see for yourself. You will be a better you. I am.

Thank you to GHC for your careful development of a clean and reliable product. You are a great partner in helping me maintain good health.

— Debbie C., Los Angeles, CA

“It Actually Does Everything it Promises and the Results Are Amazing”

I just want so say, “Thank You” for creating this great product. It actually does everything it promises and the results are amazing. I have had stomach issues for most of my life and I struggle with taking herbal supplements as well. I have tried so many products to help relieve me of constipation and none worked and or I had an allergic reaction. If anyone is reading this and still has doubts about trying this product, I say just try it, you will be Glad that you did! I am living proof that it works for even the most sensitive stomach. After taking this product for just 3-4 days now I have had great success. I can tell that my digestion is better, my stomach actually feels good after I eat a meal and I have more energy throughout the day.

— Jill C., Wisconsin

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Oxy-Powder® - Rated Best Colon Cleanser!

Colon cleansing made simple with powder in a capsule. Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser used to safely relieve the bloating, gas and constipation associated with an unhealthy diet.

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Oxy-Powder All Natural Colon Cleansing Supplement Enlarge image | View Label

Oxy-Powder® - Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser!

Colon cleansing made simple with powder in a capsule. Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser used to safely relieve the bloating, gas and constipation associated with an unhealthy diet.

  Oxy-Powder® Qty

120 Capsules $46.95

Buy 2   @ $44.95 ea.


60 Capsules   $29.95

20 Capsules   $9.95

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