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Tip 1 A glass of ice water next to a sliced lemon.

Add the juice of half an organic lemon to your water when taking Oxy-Powder. The citric acid will boost its cleansing action.

Tip 2 Drink plenty of purified water after consuming oxy-powder to keep your body hydrated.

Drink plenty of purified water while using Oxy-Powder. Staying hydrated helps your body flush itself.

Tip 3 A woman sleeping on her front side.

Get enough restful sleep every night. Cleansing is a rejuvenating experience that’s most effective when you’re rested and ready for restoration.

Tip 4 Two individuals meditating.

Make an effort to reset your mental state as well. Meditation, walking, massages, and other forms of self-care are all effective ways to de-stress and clear your head.

Tip 5 A person relaxing on a couch reading a book.

As Oxy-Powder cleanses the digestive tract, it will cause loose stools. Consider taking Oxy-Powder the night before you have a day off and can be at home.