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What is Oxy-Powder® and How Does it Work for Colon Cleansing?

Published on , Last Updated on May 15, 2009

By: Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN

Oxy-Powder All Natural Colon Cleansing

Oxy-Powder® is a comprehensive colon cleansing supplement formulated to oxidize and melt away compacted fecal material within the bowels. Oxy-Powder® also provides essential oxygen to the intestinal tract and bloodstream to promote efficient internal health.

Oxy-Powder® doesn’t clean out just the colon, but also the small and large intestines, without the harsh side effects of laxatives and common, herbal based cleansers. While Psyllium and other fiber products simply scrape bits of waste matter from the center of a clogged colon, Oxy-Powder® removes old, impacted waste as it detoxifies and cleanses the entire intestinal tract.


  • Is a high quality oxygen-based colon cleansing supplement
  • Provides relief for symptoms associated with occasional constipation
  • Works along the entire intestinal tract
  • Oxygenates internal organs for optimal functioning
  • Liquefies and helps remove unwanted waste matter
  • Promotes weight loss by removing compacted fecal debris
  • Promotes optimal colon health by flushing out toxin-laden waste
  • Complements the effectiveness of dieting programs
  • Encourages the growth of beneficial intestinal flora
  • Delivers no side effects like chemical laxatives and enemas
  • Comes in easy-to-take vegetarian capsules

The human body is designed to have 2 to 4 bowel movements per day. If your bowels are not moving on a regular basis, you may be suffering from constipation. Oxy-Powder® addresses constipation by introducing nascent oxygen into the intestinal tract, thereby oxidizing and safely melting away the compacted fecal matter in your colon.

Because Oxy-Powder® attacks the source of your constipation (the accumulated waste constricting your intestinal passage), you can enjoy natural and regular bowel movements again.

The colon’s main functions include the reabsorption of nutrients and water into the body and the subsequent elimination of toxic fecal waste through regular bowel movements. When the bowel is impacted, however, problems such as constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS, ulcerative colitis and colon cancer can arise.

Common symptoms resulting from accumulated toxins in the bowel can include:

  • Headaches
  • Bad breath
  • Allergy symptoms
  • PMS
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Bloating
  • Frequent infections

By using Oxy-Powder® for colon cleansing to help maintain a healthy colon and rid it of toxins, many of these symptoms can be avoided.

Oxy-Powder® Offers You Many Health Benefits

Oxy-Powder®’s helps to loosen intestinal buildup. This process aids in releasing unwanted waste materials and toxic substances from the intestinal lining. A buildup of intestinal waste can also encourage an overgrowth of the anaerobic bacteria that thrive in such an environment.

Oxy-Powder®’s slow release of mono-atomic oxygen helps your natural defenses form an inhospitable environment for anaerobic bacteria. However, Oxy-Powder® does not harm the friendly bacteria needed for proper digestive health.

Stop risking the side effects of chemical laxatives or potentially dangerous herbal colon cleansers. Oxy-Powder® comes in a bottle of 120 vegetarian capsules—approximately a one month supply for thorough colon cleansing or enough for two months of maintenance.

How Oxy-Powder® Works

Oxy-Powder® is a combination of magnesium oxide compounds which have been ozonated and stabilized to release mono-atomic or nascent oxygen over a 12 to 18 hour period. The timed release ensures Oxy-Powder® will provide an adequate amount of oxygen but slowly, over an extended period, for consistent durability and improved colon cleansing action.

Stabilized oxygen is actually a non-technical term. An oxygen compound that is “stabilized” essentially contains atoms that are buffered so the formula can be encapsulated without the oxygen being released before it is needed. The result is a stable bio-available form of oxygen that can be taken as a colon cleansing dietary supplement.

Oxy-Powder® begins to slowly release nascent oxygen when introduced to an acidic environment such as your stomach. This release of oxygen continues throughout the digestive system as the ingredients are carried along with your food. The magnesium thus acts as a vehicle for transporting the oxygen throughout the body’s internal systems. In its oxide form, very little dietary magnesium is assimilated by the body; most of it passes through the intestinal tract, kidneys, and bladder, helping to cleanse everything along the way. Therefore, magnesium is the perfect vehicle for delivering mono-atomic oxygen.

Options for Relieving Constipation

Why Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansing is Best

To help prevent constipation, the entire colon and small and large intestines should be cleansed thoroughly and regularly. This purging process is known as “colon cleansing.” The average adult is said to have somewhere between 5 and 40 pounds of compacted waste within their bowels, so a good colon cleanse can provide great health benefits, not the least of which is letting you feel lighter and cleaner inside. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand not all colon cleansing treatments are considered equal.

You can cleanse your colon five different ways:

  1. Colon Hydrotherapy (also know as colonic irrigation)
  2. Enemas
  3. Herbal supplements
  4. Laxatives
  5. Oxygen-based Cleansers

Each of these treatments offers their unique pros and cons. For most people, however, an oxygen-based colon cleansing supplement will work the best at removing the toxic-heavy fecal waste and thereby aiding your body in achieving or restoring its natural digestive health. This is because the safest and most effective way to melt away compacted matter is through an oxidation-reduction reaction.

Oxy-Powder® uses specialized ozonated magnesium oxides to convert the solid fecal mass within your body into a liquid or gas form. Plus, Oxy-Powder® works throughout the entire digestive system, not just in the rectum like enemas or herbal colon cleansers. Oxy-Powder® cleanses the entire intestinal tract and delivers much needed oxygen as well, all without the harsh side effects of laxatives or the discomfort of messy enemas or water hydrotherapy. Just try it–you’ve nothing to lose but those awful feelings of constipation!

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